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`This is a truly necessary ebook for either oceanographers and geologists drawn to the formation of oceanic crust and its accretion into continents. the writer has conscientiously undergone a lot of the literature in this topic, so the bibliography is very important for these attempting to seize up or these simply beginning learn within the field.'
Episodes, 13:1, 1990

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On the other hand, in Oman the exposures are beautiful and the access easy. 8)), has been obducted on the Arabic platform without any subsequent collision. For this reason the section is complete from the metamorphic sole resting on sedimentary nappes up to the volcanics and their deep-sea sedimentary cover. The internal structure in many places has escaped any obduction-related deformation and still represents the structure of a spreading center at the moment of its initial detachment. 1, the scale of the Oman ophiolite is superior to that of a representative specimen of oceanic ridge systems where a characteristic longitudinal dimension seems to be 50-200 km, a length corresponding to the spacing between transform segments or between overlapping centers.

Dashed line: trace of the shear plane. 45 % area (Boudier and Nicolas, 1972). b Fig. 5. Aluminous minerals associations in lherzolites thought to derive from melt reactions. a) Orthopyroxene-clinopyroxene-spinel clusters surrounded by olivine. b) Plagioclase corona around spinel. Black decoration: spinel; dashes: orthopyroxene; hatches: clinopyroxene; mixed decoration when the two pyroxenes are not distinguished; dots: plagioclase (Nicolas, 1986a, b). ANALYTICAL METHODS IN OPHIOLITES 23 Typical dike orientations in peridotite massifs, related to the foliation-lineation framework, have been studied by Jackson (1979), and Nicolas and Jackson (1982).

This strongly suggests a local mineral segregation and thus a local origin for the melt represented by these two minerals. iv) Regular distribution of melt products at the scale of the massif. This is best shown in the Lanzo massif (Boudier and Nicolas, 1977) where the mineral segregations, plagioclase lenses, gabbro dikes, and dunite veins and bodies are distributed over an area 2-3 km wide, but progressively disappear eastward giving way to a homogeneous lherzolite. 3a, b, c, d). The impregnation is ascribed to mafic dikes being unable to further fracture the peridotites and dispersing their melt into them.

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