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By William H. Lee

Use of a number of juices can increase quite a few diets, even the main healthy, and juices were proven to assist relieve or hinder the widest diversity of illnesses, from heaqdaches to melanoma.

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Bok choy is the Chinese variety, and is also loaded with good nutrients. When buying, avoid cabbage with thin, wilted leaves, puffy or cracked heads, pale color or signs of insect damage. It's a good source of fiber, vitamins A, C and B-complex, potassium, magnesium and calcium. It is also a member of the cancer-fighters club. Natural Benefits * helpful for: bladder problems colitis ulcers kidney problems high blood pressure bronchitis constipation skin problems asthma Cabbage juice is an effective laxative and skin food.

Oatmeal or other cereal fiber for breakfast and raw fruit and raw or lightly seamed vegetables should be included in your diet; however, raw juices must be considered as a special category for specialized nutritional value. It is precisely because the fiber is left behind that raw juices are the best source of nutritive value for your body! When you eat a piece of fruit it can take up to four hours for the fruit to be completely digested and the nutritional benefits distributed to the hungry cells of your body.

It promotes secretion of hormones. Iodine It is essential for the health of the thyroid gland and for the formation of thryroxin (the thyroid hormone which regulates much of physical and mental activity). Iodine regulates the rate of metabolism, energy production, and body weight. It helps prevent rough and wrinkled skin caused by a deficiency. Manganese It is an important component of several enzymes which are involved in metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Combined with choline (a B vitamin), it helps in fat digestion and utilization.

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