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With her mother's passing, Alexandra Bolton gave up on like to look after her family members. Now, with the Bolton identify in shame because of her father's profligate methods, marrying an aged squire can be the one approach to keep her relatives from absolute spoil. but if she meets the notorious Duke of Clarewood, outdated dreams—and outdated passions—are woke up as by no means prior to. but she can't settle for his stunning proposition!

He is the wealthiest, strongest peer within the realm, and having witnessed the chilly horror of marriage as a baby, he has vowed by no means to wed. yet Alexandra Bolton inflames him as no girl has ever performed, and she or he additionally serves him his first rejection! Now Clarewood—who constantly will get what he wants—will select which principles to play by means of. but if ardour eventually brings them jointly, a bad mystery threatens to rip them apart….

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The room’s single armchair was a dark, intense red. Yet the light within almost blinded her. “I am here, Mother,” she whispered back. And then, because Elizabeth Bolton was dying and would not last another night, because she had wasted away from the cancer eating at her, because she was so frail and weak now that she could barely see, much less hear, Alexandra hurried forward. She held back the tears. She hadn’t cried, not even once, not even when her father had told her that her mother had a terrible and fatal disease.

Clarewood is my duty,” he said. At that the duke’s eyes blazed with satisfaction. A moment later they were sightless. STEPHEN HEARD A SHARP inhalation in the tomb. He started and stared at the effigy, then realized he had made that sound. He certainly owed everything to Tom Mowbray, and he would not criticize him now. “You’re probably pleased, aren’t you? That they call me cold, ruthless and heartless. ” His voice echoed in the chamber. If Mowbray heard, he did not respond or give a sign. ” Stephen jumped, whirling.

Did he love him at all? “Of course,” he said, breathing in hard. “You will do me proud,” the duke said. ” He stiffened. ” “Damned right,” the duke choked. ” Stephen turned, saw the Bible and picked it up. He realized his hands were unsteady and his breathing uneven. He realized that no praise, no kindness and no words or sign of affection would be forthcoming. “Clarewood is my duty,” he said. At that the duke’s eyes blazed with satisfaction. A moment later they were sightless. STEPHEN HEARD A SHARP inhalation in the tomb.

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