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But it is an issue that will remain alive. S. arms supplies are a major factor in undermining h u m a n rights. S. government all t h r o u g h 1981 and one can safely assume, given the pressures from national g r o u p s , particularly in Britain, West Germany, and the United States, that Amnesty will get more involved in this cause, not less. 43 CENTRAL AMERICA: AMNESTY'S FRONT BURNER The little slice of land that links the great continents of N o r t h and South America is n o w the place where h u m a n rights are most violated.

But it is also true that hopeful signs exist. Rapid changes have taken place, for example, in E u r o p e in the last few decades. T o r t u r e was used in recent times in Greece, Spain, Portugal, and certain Eastern European countries. It is n o w fair to say that than this are the occasional stories that have trickled out of Nicaragua and neighboring El Salvador of children being tortured in front of their parents. accepted by the E u r o p e a n H u m a n Rights Commission, Greece simply denounced the convention and withdrew its cooperation from the Amnesty investigation.

Some children have been orphaned because their parents were 39 Li-Li The arrest of a family in liast Germany. In one particular instance an architect and his wife had tried to escape with their two children to Austria via Chechoslovakia. They were caught and sentenced to three years in prison. The children ire re taken away and killed or abducted. Some governments have registered the orphans under false names and birth dates to prevent them being traced by next-of-kin. There are instances where women prisoners give birth in prison and the babies are immediately removed and never seen again.

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