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By Kollar J., Lazarsfeld R., Morrison D. (eds.)

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K/, at least if K 46 3 Affinoid Algebras and Their Associated Spaces is algebraically closed. Thereby we see that the topology of the affine n-space K n gives rise to a topology on Sp A that, as we will see, is independent of the particular ✲ Sp Tn ; it will be referred to as the canonical topology of embedding Sp A Sp A. K/, providing Sp Tn with the quotient topology. x/j Ä " : for f 2 A and " 2 R>0 . Definition 1. f ;"/ with f 2 A and " 2 R>0 is called the canonical topology of X . f I "/. fr / for f1 ; : : : ; fr 2 A, we can even say: Proposition 2.

Definition 2. Let R be a ring with a multiplicative ring norm j j such that jaj Ä 1 for all a 2 R. 3 Ideals in Tate Algebras 25 (ii) R is called bald if ˚ « sup jaj ; a 2 R with jaj < 1 < 1: We want to show the following assertion: Proposition 3. Let K be a field with a valuation and R its valuation ring. Then the smallest subring R0 R containing a given zero sequence a0 ,a1 , : : : 2 R is bald. Proof. The smallest subring S R equals either Z=pZ for some prime p, or Z. It is bald, since any valuation on the finite field Z=pZ is trivial and since the ideal fa 2 Z I jaj < 1g Z is principal.

Let A be an affinoid K-algebra. Then: (i) A is Noetherian. (ii) A is Jacobson. e. there exists a finite monomorphism ✲ A for some d 2 N. Td Proposition 4. Let A be an affinoid K-algebra and q A an ideal whose nilradical is a maximal ideal in A. Then A=q is of finite vector space dimension over K. Proof. Let m D rad q. Applying Noether normalization, there is a finite monomorphism Td ✲ A=q for some d 2 N. However, we must have d D 0, since dividing ✲ A=m. As A=m is a out nilpotent elements yields a finite monomorphism Td field, the same must be true for Td .

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