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At the same time, there is a substantial amount of small-press activity and self-publishing going on within the state. These products usually lack the marketing that would lead to wide distribution, so that they are often hard to acquire, especially outside Alaska. The number of publications on Alaska depends on the definition of what constitutes a publication. This is especially true for what are traditionally considered to be near-print or grey literature categories. For the specialist, these are frequently very important, since the information they contain is often not available anywhere else.

Much of it is semiarid with 11 inches of annual precipitation in Fairbanks, the largest Page xvii city. Winters are cold with temperature dropping to as low as -72 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is also the warmest part of Alaska during the summer. The region has both boreal forests below 2,000 ft (taiga) and tundra environments. Most of the state's gold placer mining activity is in this region. The state's largest coal-mining facility is in Healy. Fairbanks serves as the regional distribution hub and is the location of the University of Alaska's research campus.

This was done through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Actual construction began only in 1974, directed by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company owned by a consortium of eight oil companies. The 789-mile pipeline began pumping oil from Prudhoe Bay towards the shipping terminal at Valdez on 20 June 1977. The total cost of the project was over twelve billion dollars. Alaska and Alaskana. The literature on Alaska has been profoundly affected by the marketplace. Alaskans have traditionally purchased books at a brisk rate, but since the state has so few residents, the in-state market is relatively small.

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