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By Diana Palmer

Fleeing to Seabrook Island to flee from her existence, Nicole Seymour reinvents herself as "Nikki" and falls for beautiful tourist Kane Lombard, who's her brother's maximum political adversary, and whilst he discovers her real identification, they need to choose from love and loyalty. unique.

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She studied the floor at her feet, her eyes idly on her sandals and her pink-tipped toes. " "Yes, you did. But I'm offering you more than that. I've given you the impression that I'm poor. ' 'Nikki, I can pay for you to finish college. " She was almost shaking with indignation. Had he no idea what she was like. He knew that she was intelligent, but that counted for nothing. It was a body he wanted in bed, nothing more. She felt cheap, and she didn't like it. She lifted cold green eyes to his, and he seemed taken aback by the hostility he saw in them.

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