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By Anne Osterlund

With a previous too bad to talk of, and a bleak, lonely destiny prior to her, Aerin Renning is stunned to discover she has earned a spot on the so much unique university within the universe. Aerin excels at Academy 7 in all yet debate, the place Dane Madousin - son of 1 of the main strong males within the Alliance - constantly outtalks her. thankfully Aerin always outwits him at sparring. they're on the best in their category till Dane jeopardizes every little thing and Aerin is by chance dragged down with him. while the pair is given a joint punishment, an unforeseen friendship - and romance - starts off to shape. yet Dane and Aerin either harbor harmful secrets and techniques, and the 2 are associated in methods neither of them may perhaps ever have imagined. . . .

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They made her feel unprepared. She had never before had real nightclothes. Just an old shirt of her father‟s. For a moment Aerin let herself remember that shirt, the way the soft material used to hang below her knees and the way it smelled, of chocolate and caramel. Like her father. No! She pushed away the thought and stepped back from the fountain. But the night no longer protected her, and memories of her father escaped the locked box in her mind where she had buried them. Images flooded her head, all of him: lifting her up so she could steer the trade ship; telling her long, exaggerated stories; thanking her for fixing the computer.

He stuck out his chin in a smooth circle. “The database you can access from this room—and this room only—is the second largest in the Alliance. ” You mean the code will restrict us from anything we aren’t allowed to see. Dane had heard about the Academy 7 database. There were supposed to be high-security files on every student ever to pass through the school: leaders, heroes, and criminals alike. Not even the military had control over those files. Zaniels went on, “If you haven‟t seen this type of computer before, don‟t worry.

Unless the caller is on the Council. Dane felt an ominous darkness sink through his chest and settle in his stomach. His deadline had come. He had known his father would return any day now. Standing, Dane gathered his supplies, certain he would not be back. His classmates remained silent as he left. As if they had suddenly remembered who his father was, something they had managed to forget over the past few minutes. Dane made his way across the hall. He wrestled open a stubborn door and climbed a narrow, sagging stairway into the darkness.

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