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By Leah Clifford

Eden did not count on Az.

Not his saunter down the seashore towards her. now not his incredible pick-up line. now not the moment, indisputable connection. and never his wings.


So lengthy, happily-ever-after.

Now trapped among lifestyles and loss of life, cursed to unfold chaos along with her each contact, Eden may be the key within the everlasting fight among heaven and hell. All simply because she gave her center to at least one of the Fallen, an angel forged out of heaven.

She may possibly lose every little thing she ever had. She might be betrayed by means of these she loves so much. yet Eden aren't a pawn in a person else's video game. Her middle is her own.

And that is in simple terms the start of the end.

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When he looked at her, the sorrow in his eyes made her breath catch. ” “Regret you! ” She stepped toward him, confused. ” At her back a door slammed. Her stomach dropped as Az’s eyes widened. The Fallen, she thought. She spun, ice running down her spine. Her hip smacked against Az as she turned. Gabriel stared at them blankly from the door he’d just closed. She didn’t have time to register her relief before she heard Az gasp, turned back toward him. Tipped off balance, his hands flailed through the empty air.

She wanted the thought of death to hold some thrill, terror. Wrongness. Instead, it held an empty acceptance her body ached for. She dug her fingers deeper, and something distinctly not sand hit her fingers. ” She yanked up her hand, taking a cluster of decayed scales with her. The wind changed direction, bringing the faint smell of salty dead fish. “Little late for the warning,” she muttered, scanning the area for an abandoned towel, anything to wipe off the goo. She grabbed a soggy magazine page out of the sand and tried to scrape her fingers clean.

Last month there had been a string of parties, out-of-control times. She checked her phone. No missed calls. She couldn’t figure out what she’d done to get the cold shoulder from everyone the last few weeks. Even her mom no longer questioned where she was, if she was even alive. Screw them. I just have to hang on until graduation and I’m out, she thought, trying to convince herself she’d make it that long. An entire year. But then she could hit the road, go somewhere else where every day wasn’t bullshit.

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