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By P. K. Jain, Ahmed Khalid

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Variation of Mss α and the Main Theorem s Let Mss α (resp. Mα ) be the moduli stack of α-semistable (resp. α-stable) bundles with first Chern class 0. 7). Now we study these moduli stacks as we vary weights. Let N0 = D · H, W = {(α1 , α2 ) : 0 < α1 < α2 < 1} and δW := (α1 , α2 ) : 0 < α1 < α2 < 1 such that | α1 − α2 |= k , 1 ≤ k ≤ 2N0 . 2N0 Let W ◦ = W − δW A connected component of W ◦ is called a chamber. Observe s that, if α is a weight within a chamber then Mss α = Mα . Moreover if α and β are ss ss s s in same chamber then Mα = Mβ and also Mα = Mβ .

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