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By Alex Flinn

Talia fell below a spell. . . .
Jack broke the curse.

I was once informed to pay attention the accursed spindle, however it was once so spell binding, so hypnotic. . . .

I was once trying to find a bit event the day I ditched my travel workforce. yet discovering a comatose city, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, used to be so no longer what I had in brain.

I woke up within the comparable position yet in one other time—to a stranger's delicate kiss.

I could not support kissing her. occasionally you simply need to kiss anyone. i did not be aware of this could happen.

Now i'm in dire difficulty simply because my father, the king, says i've got introduced smash upon our state. i've got no selection yet to run away with this commoner!

Now i am caught with a bratty princess and a trunk filled with her jewels. . . . the good news: My mom and dad will freak!

Think you've courting matters? try out locking lips with a napping stunner who seems to be 316 years outdated. Can a kiss go beyond all—even time?

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I begin to pace back and forth like a caged animal. I am a caged animal. Tomorrow I shall be sixteen. Peasant girls my age are married with two and three babes, and yet I am not permitted to walk down a hallway within my own castle without supervision. The curse You do not even believe in the curse! And yet it has come true, not the spindle part, but the death. . I am living my death, little by little, each day. And when I am sixteen and the curse ends, I shall be given over to a husband of someone elses choosing, who will tell me what to do and say and eat and wear for the rest of my life.

What Im saying is, this girl is . . Wow, shes hot, Travis says when he finally reaches the door. Yeah. That. Shes lying on the floor with these golden curls all around her, like someone arranged them that way. Her body, I can tell even in her long dress, is totally perfect. Shes taller than almost everyone else here, and thin in all the right places with these great . . Would you look at her? Travis interrupts my thoughts again. I am. I stare at the top of her dress, which shes really filling out, let me tell you.

Its not doing a thing to get my mind off Amber. At least my friend Travis is here. Guess his parents wanted to get rid of him, too. I dont even know what coun- try were in now. One of those lame ones you dont learn much about in geography, like Belgium, or maybe one of the L ones. I dont pay much attention to Mindy, but yesterday I heard her say the magic word: coast. Were near the beach. Thats when I started formulating my plan. I shake Travis awake. What the . . what time is it? Five thirty, man.

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