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By Cate Tiernan

After seventeen-year-old Thais Allard loses her widowed father in a sad automobile twist of fate, she is compelled to depart the single domestic she’s ever recognized to dwell with a complete stranger in New Orleans. New Orleans greets Thais with many secrets and techniques and mysteries, yet none as incredible because the second she comes head to head with the impossible—an exact dual, Clio. Thais quickly learns that she and the dual she by no means knew come from a relatives of witches, that she possesses superb powers, and that she, in addition to Clio, has a key function in Balefire, the coven she was once born into. Fiery Clio is below overjoyed to need to percentage the highlight, however the twins needs to learn how to mix their powers with the intention to whole a ceremony that may remodel their lives and the coven endlessly.

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Meli—” I cried, but at that moment, the world seemed to end. A cannon boom of thunder and an unearthly blast of lightning struck at the same moment. The lightning hit Melita directly and I screamed, seeing her dark hair flying out around her ecstatic face. The next second, the lightning imploded in me, shooting through Jules’s hand, searing mine, and racing into Ouida’s hand. We all cried out, and I heard my own scream. An agonizing, gripping pain seized my belly. Our hands flew apart and I fell to the ground.

Clio I heard a faint sound behind me and froze, my hands inside my canvas bag. I waited, sending my senses out more strongly, but felt nothing out of the ordinary: only sleeping birds, neighborhood dogs and cats, mice. Insects. Ick. I let out a deep breath. It was a new moon, which meant this cemetery was even blacker than usual. I was tucked into a remote corner, kneeling on the grass between two tall crypts. I was invisible from all directions, unless someone was right in front of me. It was almost midnight.

There was nothing. Carefully Daedalus looked at the tomb directly in front of him, the tomb of the famille Planchon. His family. His parents and most of his other ancestors were buried down in Lafourche Parish, near where their ville had been. But not everyone. Daedalus’s brother, Jean-Marie, had been buried here twenty years after Daedalus became immortal. Immortal and yet unable to save his favorite brother. Now he came when he could to his brother’s grave. Not once in 250 years had he seen what he’d been looking for: some sign that his brother’s wife had come to pay her respects.

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