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By J. H. van Lint, R. M. Wilson

This significant textbook, a manufactured from decades' educating, will entice all lecturers of combinatorics who relish the breadth and intensity of the topic. The authors take advantage of the truth that combinatorics calls for relatively little technical history to supply not just a regular advent but additionally a view of a few modern difficulties. the entire 36 chapters are in bite-size parts; they conceal a given subject in moderate intensity and are supplemented by way of workouts, a few with ideas, and references. to prevent an advert hoc visual appeal, the authors have focused on the crucial issues of designs, graphs and codes.

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Any point is joined by a line to pi because of L2. So, excluding pi, we can count all points merely by counting the points of the lines on pi. Each such line C; has vj - 1 points if we exclude the point pi. Again, by L2, this method counts each point (except pi) precisely once. Linear spaces 28 So v-l= Y (vj-1). C, on p; But pietj if and only if rij = 1. Hence b v - 1 = E (vj - 1)rij. 4. 2. Yj= 1 vj(vj - 1) = v(v - 1). Proof . 1, v - 1 = j=1(v j - 1)ri j for a fixed point pi. Now, summing over all points, v v b Y (v - 1) = Y Y (vj - 1)rij i=1j=1 i=1 b v v(v - 1) = Y_ (vj - 1) Y, rij j=1 i=1 b Y (vj- 1)vj.

We say a is re- lated to b, and write aRb if (a,b)ER. The following properties must also hold: aRa (reflexive property), aRb implies bRa (symmetric property), aRb and bRc imply aRc (transitive property), for all a, b, c in S. e. ell f if and only if e = A or t misses A) is an equivalence relation on the lines of 082. 13. If vi=k, 1:5 i<- b, and b; <- k+l, 1 <- i <_ v, show that parallelism is an equivalence relation. 38 Linear spaces 14. Show that the de Bruijn-Erdos theorem is not necessarily true in nearlinear spaces.

11. A complete graph is a graph which is a linear space. Prove that, in a finite complete graph, 2b + v = v2. 12. 1. 13. 1. 14. 2 have the same line graphs. 15. Find a near-linear space which is its own dual space. 16. 1. 1. 17. 2 as its line graph. 8. 2. 18. Show that closure in a near-linear space satisfies the following properties: X s,), and X sY implies s. 19. Find a finite near-linear space with dimension 3. 20. Find an infinite near-linear space with dimension 4. 21. 3. What is its dimension?

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