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By Melvin Small

This spouse deals an summary of Richard M. Nixon’s existence, presidency, and legacy, in addition to an in depth examine the evolution and present country, of Nixon scholarship.

  • Examines the primary arguments and scholarly debates that encompass his time period in office
  • Explores Nixon’s legacy and the old importance of his years as president
  • Covers the complete variety of themes, from his campaigns for Congress, to his occupation as Vice-President, to his presidency and Watergate
  • Makes wide use of the new paper and digital releases from the Nixon Presidential fabrics Project

Chapter One Nixon Biographies (pages 5–26): Iwan W. Morgan
Chapter The Pre?Political Years, 1913–1945 (pages 27–48): Joseph Dmohowski
Chapter 3 Pat Nixon (pages 49–67): Gil Troy
Chapter 4 The Congressional Years (pages 68–83): Anthony Rama Maravillas
Chapter 5 The Alger Hiss Case (pages 84–101): Athan G. Theoharis
Chapter Six The Richard Nixon Vice Presidency: study with out the Nixon Manuscripts (pages 102–121): Irwin F. Gellman
Chapter Seven The Election of 1960 (pages 122–140): W. J. Rorabaugh
Chapter 8 The Election of 1968 (pages 141–163): Melvin Small
Chapter 9 The Election of 1972 (pages 164–184): Rick Perlstein
Chapter Ten the executive Presidency (pages 185–201): Karen M. Hult
Chapter 11 Richard Nixon, the nice Society, and Social Reforms: A misplaced chance? (pages 202–211): Romain Huret
Chapter Twelve Civil Rights coverage (pages 212–234): Dean J. Kotlowski
Chapter 13 monetary coverage (pages 235–251): Nigel Bowles
Chapter Fourteen Political Realignment (pages 252–269): Robert Mason
Chapter Fifteen Nixon and the surroundings (pages 270–291): Paul Charles Milazzo
Chapter 16 Nixon and the Media (pages 292–310): Tim Kiska
Chapter Seventeen Nixon and Dissent (pages 311–327): Katherine Scott
Chapter Eighteen Nixon and Agnew (pages 328–342): Justin P. Coffey
Chapter Nineteen international coverage review (pages 343–361): Jussi M. Hanhimaki
Chapter Twenty Nixon and Kissinger (pages 362–379): Robert D. Schulzinger
Chapter Twenty?One The Vietnam battle (pages 380–399): Jeffrey P. Kimball
Chapter Twenty?Two Explorations of Detente (pages 400–424): Keith L. Nelson
Chapter Twenty?Three The China Card (pages 425–443): Evelyn Goh
Chapter Twenty?Four Nixon and Europe: Transatlantic coverage within the Shadow of alternative Priorities (pages 444–459): Luke A. Nichter
Chapter Twenty?Five Latin the United States and the hunt for balance (pages 460–477): Mark Atwood Lawrence
Chapter Twenty?Six Watergate (pages 479–498): Keith W. Olson
Chapter Twenty?Seven Nixon and Ford (pages 499–518): John Robert Greene
Chapter Twenty?Eight Nixon's photograph: a quick background (pages 519–545): David Greenberg
Chapter Twenty?Nine The Nixon Tapes (pages 546–562): Sahr Conway?Lanz

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This is quite a variance with his conduct as revealed on the Watergate tapes when finally released (Kutler 1997). Moreover, there is no recognition that Watergate was a crisis of the imperial presidency rather than a mere presidential scandal pertaining to a cover-up of political espionage. According to chief editorial assistant Frank Gannon, Nixon laid down his memoir-writing philosophy in no uncertain terms to the staff helping him with the research and writing: “We won’t grovel; we won’t confess; we won’t do a mea culpa act; but we will be one hundred per cent accurate” (Aitken 1993: 538).

Measured by this criterion, however, it could only be the opening shot in a campaign that would succeed well beyond what might have looked possible on August 8, 1974 without ever doing so in absolute terms. Finally, some authorities consider it the best book on Nixon’s life and career (Black 2007). This judgment arguably overlooks the superior merit of historian Stephen Ambrose’s three-volume study (Ambrose 1987, 1989, 1991). Nevertheless, the claim is not so far-fetched that it can be dismissed out of hand, which itself is testimony to the limitations of Nixon biography.

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