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Most of our Australian churches have a formal call to worship, perhaps even a processional. But here in the big auditorium the love and praise just seemed to flow together and suddenly I was aware that Miss Kuhlman was on stage. " A spirit of praise seemed to sweep the mighty auditorium. The people rose, as one, and erupted in joyous acclamation of sound and harmony. All around me they were spontaneously coming to their feet, arms raised toward heaven, voices blending together in marvelous symphony.

It meant nothing. I knew I would never again be ashamed of the power of God. " I laughed at Bruce. " I wanted to call Jack in Australia, but I knew he was in Sydney that day on a business trip. It made no difference, we were scheduled to leave early the next morning on a flight back to Melbourne and he would meet us at the airport. I could surprise him then. We said our good-byes to Caitlin and her parents. This time, however, it was not as before. No longer was she the center of my life, my tie with reality.

Am I losing my mind, hearing sounds that aren't there? I wondered. I turned to Orpha who was sitting on the other side. " Orpha looked deep into my face. " she asked. " Orpha's lips grew white and she said with shaking voice. "It's the Holy Spirit. It's your healing. " Miss Kuhlman was still taking a poll of the states as Orpha, June, Bruce and I joined hands down the row and began to pray. I felt a wonderful peace. At the same time there was a pumping sensation throbbing in my chest. I closed my eyes and could visualize the blood, long held in check beyond that blocked valve, now surging through the healed organ, pulsating out into my lungs and through my body.

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